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This page is my ticket to...

To which I say...thanks Jesus!

This is where I mock religion in general, if you can't handle it, please go somewhere you can handle.

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Religion is an odd otherworldly subject with many different aspects. Here are but a few of the many faceted diamond we call religion:


The Amish And "The Plain People" Is it just me or is it insane for a people who abhor and revile technology to have a web page dedicated to them?
All About Mormons I really felt that I should have included more than one page for them, but I've always been a one woman/one mormon page kind of guy.
SCIENTOLOGY HOME PAGE Coming of honest to God live scientologists!
ECKANKAR Home Page! Why? Cause I love God! And they sent me a free tape all about them. Hey, it kept everyone awake and laughing on the drive to Atlantic City.
Christian Coalition These people have kept me happy with their antics for more hours than I can count.
Unification Home Page Moonies Moonies! Any religion that economizes to get several thousand people married at a time is one that can balance my checkbook.
Jehovah's Witnesses: Watchtower Society Official Web Site Nope, you can't even escape from them online!
The Nation Of Islam Online Reminds me of a near death experience I had once while watching Khalid Mohammed address a predominately black audience at Stony Brook. Being one of the white devils thrown out was a good thing.
The Hare Krishna Experience Just saying the name makes me happy.
Heaven's Gate - How and When It May Be Entered Any religion where the followers take their own lives is a good thing.
Transcendental Meditation The party I vote for every election year!
The Israeli Atheists Society Homepage This drives me nuts. By definition, all Israelis are these Israelis are jewish atheists?!?
Agnostic Church Home Page For those who don't know what to believe...but don't want to go to hell necessarily.
The Great White Pope I hear he is thinking of becoming a wrestler for the WWF.
The Holy See Come see where the Pope calls home.
Church of Euthanasia with the Unabomber The church that bombs together, stays together.
Branch Davidian Revelations According To Prophecy See Heavens Gate.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints The source of all of those damn heart-warming commercials.
The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Same church, but tidied up a bit?
Zionist Organization of America Had to get a real Jewish site in somewhere.

Religious Humor

24 Hour Church of Elvis The REAL God!
Adventures of the Net Nun
The Almighty Plastic Bag Worship it like you know you do.
The Almighty's TopTen List
Ask Sister Rossetta Advice anyone?
Angel Moroni
The Bastard Son of the Lord Home Page
BlasphemyVision: Jellies Beware!
The Blessed Virgin Mary Who Really is Neither Blessed nor a Virgin Homepage
Burn Baby, Burn!
Cathedral of the Hydrogenated Snack Cake
CONSUMER REPORT - Religion Finally a guide to pick your religion.
Deal with the Devil
The Decapitate an Angel Page
Dextera Domini: The Declaration on the Pastoral Care of Left-Handed Persons
Entropism Online's God O' The Month
Gospel According to Lego
The Homepage of God
How To Talk New Age A complete glossary.
* Jeez fer Joozis *at AOL* Jeez fer Joozis *
!!Jesus Fan Club HomePage!!
Last Chance Catherdral and Discount House of Worship
the LYLAPLAN© For Your Salvation
The NunBun™ The cinnamon bun that looks like Mother Theresa.
The Pastor General
Welcome to Adult Christianity Complete with a XXX bible.
The Rev. Hellshaw's Pearly Gates
Saurintology Page
The UberPage of the First Church of Shatnerology! Like you don't already worship William Shatner.
Second National Church of Shatnerology Ditto.
Sell Your Soul to Satan Online Get cash money for your eternal soul.
Where's Christ? Just like Where's Waldo!
The World of Bob

Religious TV

Welcome to the Faith Channel on TKR Channel 19
Welcome to Eternal Word Television Network
Hare Krishna TV
News Odyssey Home Page
Back to God Hour
D.L. Dykes, Jr. Online Ministry
Christian Lifestyles-- The Cable TV Show !!!