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The I Like to Mud Page!!!!

There are few people who would truly understand what it is like to mud, but to do so is truly liberating. The verb form of mud was discovered a few years ago while I attended SUNY at Stony Brook in a philosophy of mind class taught by Peter Ludlow.

I was one of the few that managed to pull myself from bed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an hour at 8 am to widen my mind. More often than not, however, the distractions became too powerful than the sultry lure of Fodor and Pylyshyn's compelling analysis of connectionism could counter. It was in these stolen moments that my bestfriend Adam and I concocted stories about the Christ-child and Effeminate Guy in our class and, indeed, the art of mudding began.

If this doesn't give you a definition to the word then perhaps you should enroll in my alma mater and give it a shot yourself. Experience is the best teacher when you strive to mud.