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A Twisted Cry for Help

Recently, I had the...experience of going to see Garth Brooks live in Central Park in NYC. For the purpose here I will dismiss the oddity of me going to a place with a large gathering of people, listening to country music, and being at a concert. Here is a leaflet that a disturbed man was handing out at the end of the concert at one of the exits to the park. Is he wrong? Is he right? Is he a few weeks away from living in a recently vacated shack in the wilds of Montana? Who knows. Judge for yourself. Here is the translated text without the address:

If I don't reply to your messages it's only because I didn't receive it. My phone and mail are interfered with and tomorrow(?) we need a center to meet at with a scholar(?)
There is something very important that we must organize about in the same force of numbers of people as have come to this concert. An organized body of angry concerned, informed, people could both get a vital message out to the rest of humanity and make certain demands for changes that need to be made in the interest of all people's health and basic freedoms including the very one to exist at all, that would be listened to and heeded. It's extremely urgent that a group of aware people come forth and do this right away, because we are all being literally exterminated by an enormous computerized remote control intelligent electronic weapon system that's managed to be kept secret from the conscious knowledge of people, it's victims, for decades! It has been however craftily depicted in fictional stories, films, and shows that do provide a record of this fact, by describing its effects. The Forbidden Planet, Alphaville, 1984, all the old Star Treks like the Cage, Operation Annihilate, Lights of Zetor, etc; Twilight Zone episodes like You Look Just Like Number Twelve, The Transformation, The Monsters Land on Maple Street, one with Richard Long about how robotized people as in The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers are used to destroy targetted individual's identities, and many others. But this is real. The Prisoner series also described how it is to be tortured by this evil system that can and does control people everywhere keeping them as non-freewill slaves, including police, doctors, teachers, parents, friends unbenounced to everyone else they live and work with! Most musicians sing about it as well, yet no conscious head movement that acknowledges this horror as real has come forth Elton, Judy Collins, Paul McCartney, Frampton, P. Floyd, Al (?), Blood Sweat and Tears, Tears for Fears, everyone. (?) you made with rue and demand that science be marshalled to uncover, locate and destroy this monstrosity at it's physical source(s) of origin?! This must be acknowledged openly and directly by all society and humankind! This 'thing' produces most cancer, schizophrenia, cardiovascular and organ disease, bone disease. It performs atrocious medical experiments on us all and we consequently are made to look like prefab programs, as we depicted in T-Zone's in the 60's already. It is all done by directed energy means probably by satellite arrays overhead by remote control. 'Voices' inside your head that can torment you and cause your suicide by participating with your thinking are possible and are used on massive scale to break people secretly everywhere, and make them cooperate right in the midst of life as there is no escape from it's penetrating beams seemingly possible and I know this from personal experience. I am being murdered and I know all about this system, its behavior and nature, not it's whereabouts. The knowledge of which has been supressed everywhere by dissuasive methods it employs socially. It watches all our thoughts visually which we think with and at night interfaces with our minds directly, programming us. We've all perhaps had the dream (personalized of course) about being late for a test at the end of term in a class we had forgotten to attend or study for for example. But it's much worse, many are controlled mentally all day. All NYNEX, AT&T, Staples employees, CompUSA, etc, are controlled by computer such that you cannot communicate with them as they have been silenced and siezed by brain beams that allow computer programs to 'live' through them and directly speak to or marry you! They have been murdered. The President is probably in such a condition. Once this truth is acknowledged measures will follow necessarily so we must get the message across and wake people up. The newspapers are also controlled. We must march and shout this to the world if it's not too late. Help me organize.