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Your Car, Your Country

Your mobile autonomous zone - your car. It's your own country really. You make the rules. Nose picking? Legal. Singing really badly? Legal. That is if it happens to be your car. If not, you're in a Nazi state- not allowed to do much of anything. Don't even think of touching the radio - the aural gestapo will arrest any movement towards the gear. If its not yours, you're a guest in a foreign land. It smells, sounds, even feels different. That's why your drivers licsence has your picture on it. It looks and acts as your passport into these foreign lands with exotic names like Hyundai and Toyota.

But back to your homeland. When behind the wheel you're sitting in your own Oval Office. Relations with other drivers determine your status. Do they let you in front of them? Of course not. The road is a constant state of war. You adjust your headlights to annoy others, tailgate, wait through a green light, come to a complete stop at the STOP sign - it's cutthroat. All because their mere presence infringes on your right to the open road. Every country needs "breathing room" - again the Nazi reference. They impinge on your sovereignty so sanctions must be enforced.

Woe to the driver who's car breaks down. You're at the mercy of the other viable countries on the road and very few have time for foreign aid. Has anyone helped you with a bailout when your country's economic engine shuts down? No. As a rule, no one is in the foreign aid business.

Then again, think of your reaction when you see broken down motorists. After you finish laughing and mocking, you again disdain them knowing full well that they would never slow down to splash you on the side of the road. Of course, slowing down for a good splash is sometimes more satisfying than pumping an air horn at a pedestrian.

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