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And now, by popular demand from the masses...(well...Sharon, a more powerful force than the masses) Here is...
Sharon's Shrine

This page is dedicated to the sweetest petite flower I have ever had the priviledge to know. Not only is she radiantly beautiful enough to draw Greek sailors and captains alike to the rocky shoals, but her personality is a pungent nectar to the nomadic oasis dweller in us all. Her merest touch can sustain a man through the most murky stygian darkness and her birdsong voice can mollify all but the harshest of brutes. Her...wait...sorry, forgot I was talking about Sharon....but she's pretty cool too.
The best explanation I can give is that she dared me to do this.

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When it gets annoying, hit stop.


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The Buffy midi theme!

Milli Vanilli
Unlike Milli Vanilli, Sharon sings all of her songs occasionally dueting with Adam.



To hear some words of wisdom for Sparky, click on this
But stop the Xena theme first if it's still playing.

On the Road with
Adam and Sharon

TokenPlaces I've been as a passenger with my token!

New York City

Central Park Web Site
Fashion Institute of Technology
Greenwich Village
Metropolitan Museum of Art
MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art
New York City Subway Resources
New York University
The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey - Home Page
Virgin Megastores
Washington Square Park, New York City
Introduced to the best drink in the world... The margarita


Mohegan Sun
Connecticut I-95 Restaurants, Diners and Fast Foods

New Jersey

Ballys Park Place
Caesars Atlantic City
Sands Hotel and Casino
Trump Marina Hotel * Casino - Welcome
The Trump Taj Mahal - Experience the Fantasy!
The Virtual Boardwalk Tour

Long Island

Barnes & Noble
The Big Duck
Borders Books and Music
Cameta Camera
Duck Walk Vineyards
Hamptons Online
Nassau Community College
Port Jefferson
Roosevelt Field Mall

Upstate New York

Callicoon, NY - RoundTheBend's Online Travel Guide(tm)
The Delaware Sojourn
Monticello, NY