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Natural Disasters

Earthquakes. Why do people move to areas that we know are prone to regularly scheduled disasters. Even right after an earthquake or hurricane you'll find people on the news busy piling the rubble, sorting it, making sure that they have basically nothing and then set about rebuilding.

The whole neighborhood moved a foot to the left and these people want to rebuild. If my house moved on its own every few years I might think or relocating someplace where ceiling weight wouldn't be as big a consideration. "Oh, I can lift a steel beam off my chest - this is a fine dwelling."

The same thing goes for people living on the shore. Every season a hurricane comes and blows their stilt houses over and they cry about how their house is somewhere in the trade currents off the coast of Labrador. Every year this happens! The same stupid asshole who wants his private beach - wont let anyone near his house in the summer - watches as his abode sets sail for England and cries that he needs help from the government. Every year! No one cares that his address is now Greenland.

The thing that amazes me most is that beaches erode - eventually he will have no land to sink a stilt into and then he wants the government to come and dredge it back so when hurricane season starts he can watch the big b